guard ourselves…….

ADT joins a host of home protection services which have grown in the last few years. Irrespective of the value of the house, owners are concerned with invasions and break-ins.  Some blame a poor economy or drugs for the rise in robberies, but history shows that thieves have been with us from the dawn of time.  With these new digital protection devices we can safeguard ourselves from many potential dangers.  While not everyone may use an alarm system, I cannot imagine anyone wanting to be robbed.  Surely we would not leave our doors open or car windows down with valuables inside.  It would not make sense to do so. At the very least, we would protect those things which are most precious.


Jesus told us to guard ourselves from the pursuit of material possessions. The literal translation is putting up a fence to ward off feelings of greed or covetousness.  When juxtaposed against protecting our physical home, Luke 19 looks very similar.  However, few might consider that guarding our heart from gain is equivalent to guarding our homes from thieves.  And yet, that is exactly what Jesus was saying.  Jesus knew that the pursuit of gain and running after temporal things would steal the passion and purpose from our lives.  He knew that earthly treasures would weigh us down.  In light of this warning, we view Christmas and it’s modern influence.  The story of His birth must be told, but most people see this time as a full-press shopping season.  Malls and Amazon are vying for our discretionary dollars. Even though attics are filled with last year’s stuff, many are still racing to get more; camping out for that next great thing.  Jesus warned us of this moment. Guard your heart.  Put up protections against covetousness.  Our passion for His work will be clouded if this world consumes us.  For where our treasure is, there will our hearts be also.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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