Redefining Christianity

History has a way of repeating itself. Unfortunately, mass consciousness leads collective thought off the proverbial cliff, thinking that the majority must be right. This is a warning for those of us who espouse the exclusivity of Jesus’ Name in baptism and Holiness: The spirit of the age is against the church.

It begins with the redefining of terms, creating new definitions, and historical revisionist. Ultimately, biblical doctrines and Christian principles become points of contention. Several news outlets have now classified Bible believers as “Christian nationalists” denoting the belief that our rights come from God and not government. The fact is our rights do come from God and not from man. This natural law is the foundation of our nation. The belief that all human life is precious in the sight of God was the premise by which slavery was dismantled. However, today our media and political activists are attacking the scripture as a means of hate.

Tacitus, XV., wrote that Nero blamed the Christians for his own failures. The emperor threw the Christians to wild dogs to be eaten alive. He nailed them to crosses in his gardens and burned them as living torches. These things were first accomplished by redefining believers as terrorists against the state. The downward slope resulted in a full-out persecution against anyone who espoused the name of Jesus.

Paul wrote: 1Th 5:6 Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober. The world is not as subtle as it used to be. American thought has entered the realm of mass consciousness, openly denouncing our biblical view. While it may be trite to say, it must be repeated with the strongest of emphasis: If there was ever a time to be consecrated to the Apostolic doctrine, the church, prayer, and the Bible, this is the time! History has taught us a lesson we must not reject.

My admonition is to rethink your time, as well as, saturate yourself and your family in the church. Rearrange your weekly schedule and be present every time the church doors are open. Do everything in your power to be engaged in prayer meetings and worship. Plan your vacations so you do not miss special church services. Listen to the Wednesday Bible lessons again via podcast. Donate time to serve around the church premises.

I know these things sound old-fashioned, but I am convinced that active involvement is ground zero for a healthy mindset. Our salvation is imperative! Nothing else matters! We must be engrossed with godly endeavors and Kingdom work.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole