Defiance is not always a positive term. The natural assumption leans toward rebellion. However, there is a time when each believer must be defiant against the demands of the enemy. Jesus defied many of the traditions demanded by the pharisees and they called Him out on it. He healed on the Sabbath. He and His disciples picked wheat on the Sabbath. Jesus touched the leper, which was forbidden. These are a few examples of the many things which He did to provoke a reaction from the religious rulers. They said, “He eats with publicans and sinners.” Jesus defied the unwritten rules also when He sat at a well and spoke to a Samaritan woman.

Tools of fear and doubt are often used against the people of God, of this we know. Religious concepts can also inhibit our progress also. These are not spiritual measures. They are man-made rules which separate us from Kingdom work. Worshiping the Lord is not just our privilege, but it is our duty. We must offer praise and we must cry out to the Lord. Anyone who demands we quiet our praise, violates the command of the scripture. Jesus once said, “If these hold their peace, the rocks will cry out!”

Four Hebrew young men defied the law of King Nebuchadnezzar when they refused to bow before a golden statue. Daniel chapter three describes the scene. While the state demanded such obedience, they stood in defiance to false worship. They would not bow. At the threat of being burned alive, they stood firm and angered the king. Setting aside the wonderful outcome; they were ready to die for the cause! They said, “O king, our God can deliver us, but if not, we are not going to bow. We would rather stand against this wickedness and lose our lives than submit to this unholy thing you have presented.”

Peter and John were set in the midst of the counsel in Acts 5:28. The leaders said, “Didn’t we command you not to teach in Jesus’ name? And look, now you have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine.” Peter and John joined the apostles in spreading the Name of Jesus. Defiance.

We must take a stand against every unholy thing that the world and the spirit of this age presents. It may be unpopular, but we are commissioned to be a peculiar people, a royal priesthood, and a holy nation.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole