Into All The World

At the closing of the gospels, Jesus gave one final instruction to His followers. He said, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” Those who stood in attendance understood the weight of His words. They knew the demand that the Lord had placed upon their lives. To the first church, nothing was higher than delivering the New Birth message of Repentance and Baptisms of Water and Spirit to the world. The Book of Acts reveals such deeds.

We too are given the same command: “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” However, the greatest majority of believers are unable to fulfill the Lord’s command in a literal sense, and yet, we can “go” by sending men and women into the world. We can make it possible for those who are called and appointed to bring the Truth to the world. Today, through our missions commitment and sacrificial giving, we are able to fulfill the command of Jesus Christ.

Perhaps you are reading these words and find them familiar. I could join you in acquaintanceship, except that the above text is tethered to a deep and consuming burden. We must reach the lost.

Eternity is not a long time. Eternity is endless. Souls will spend Eternity somewhere. Sadly, too few believers speak of their eternal soul. Many are consumed with the pressing issues of the day. Our current environment boasts of money, entertainment, politics, and careers. Some are engrossed in educational pursuits, void from the knowledge of the end of time. The American church has been hampered by affluence and are entangled with trivial things, while Hell is enlarging her mouth (Isa 5:14).

There must be a fervency in us that drives us toward the mission of souls. Wherever, to whomever, our purpose for life is to spread the only saving name of Jesus (Acts 4:12). If the Bible is true, then our responsibility and duty to the Gospel demands our full attention. We cannot pass by the command of Jesus and expect to be accepted into Heaven. We are instruments for the work of the King and His Kingdom! We are His hands and feet: His voice on this earth, for this time.

The missionaries present are no less apostles to regions where our feet will not walk, but we can and will make it possible for them to fulfill the Great Commission! We need more than mere motivation. Today, we need action through sacrifice.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole