This past week a small notation was made regarding the highway system of the United States. Route 66 was decommissioned some 59 years ago. Other lesser known routes have also been replaced by the more bustling interstate systems. The older routes went through small towns; paused at intersections and stop signs. There were diners and family owned petroleum stations with resident mechanics to service the immediate needs of those who traveled. The major interstates now boast of fast moving traffic and on-time delivery service. America rarely sees what was once family. We are in a full sprint, but still going nowhere.

I grew up with Larnelle Harris singing, “I Miss My Time With You.” I cried many times as the Winans sang “Tomorrow”: Jesus said, “Here I stand, won’t you please let me in.” And you said, “I will tomorrow.”

Jesus sat down with people in Matthew 5. He moved among them offering wisdom and parables; healing and care. His was a slow gate, touching the unloved and discarded. The early church took time breaking bread and in fellowship. They relished their time together as they spoke of Jesus and the vision of their new found commission. Yet today we are busy, not necessarily with the Kingdom. There seems to be little time to savor what happened last Sunday. Many have moved on and cannot remember the lessons, sermons, or prayer times they experienced just a month ago. In short, we are racing through life not embracing the time we have.

When life becomes busy, people cut things out. At the top of that list is Wednesday night Bible study. Close by is Sunday morning worship. I’ve watched the digression happen so many times. The enemy may not be able to confound us with false doctrine or tempt us with sinful practices, but it might be time that he is after. Jesus said that the devil is a thief. The enemy has “come to steal.” Our time is more valuable than money or possessions. When was the last time you sat and meditated on the goodness of the Lord? Where are you going that needs such attention that you are willing to give up prayer, Bible reading, or worship services?

The “interstate” is full of people running to nowhere. We must come back to our first love: To spend our days doing the work of the Lord!

Isa 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.