Lost In The House

Three parables grade the pages of Luke chapter 15: The Lost Sheep; The Lost Coin; and The Lost Son. The sheep left the protection of the flock. The shepherd then responded by leaving the ninety-nine in search of the one. Jesus implies that only the one lost was in danger and the rest were secure. The father of the prodigal did not leave the house, but anxiously looked and waited for his return. Both of these parables speak of the love of the Father and both showcase different aspects of the lost and their recovery.

The middle parable is a little more complicated, in that, the coin was lost inside the house. The woman searches for it with great fervency by burning the midnight oil. She will not rest until it is found. In the end, when the coin is found, she invites friends and neighbors to rejoice with her.

The key of this parable is the location of the lost coin: Lost inside the house. I understand the wandering ways of people. They leave the protection of holiness. My heart aches for so many who have abandoned truth, not knowing the evil that awaits them. I have also seen prodigals spend their innocence on the world’s facade only to end up empty and ashamed.

However, it’s the coin that arrests my attention because these are those who attend, but are lost inside the church. I am writing to you in hopes that your heart will be stirred. The Holy Spirit is calling for you to engage in the work of the Kingdom. The coming of the Lord is imminent. The world is morally bankrupt and the spirit of the age is pressing. The very best place to be is in the church. However, just being present is not enough, because we can be lost sitting on a pew.

It’s time. It’s time to hunger after God. It’s time to worship and serve. It’s time to sell out to the cause of Jesus Christ. The Word has gone out and the Call is being heard. Today is the day to change your life.