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Some writers do nothave even this kind of experience and their texts are the product of merespeculation about dying, with little or no experience of the process. Similar results were observed after introduction ofp53-R273H into the p53-null human osteosarcoma cell line, Saos-2. After treatment of gastritis or gastricerosions, lower dose of aspirin can be reinstituted and can begiven every other day or even twice in a week. During my trial in 1977, his mother, auntie andolder sister even said they didn’t want me to get the death penalty, because itwouldn’t bring R.H.

Propionibacterium acnes as a skin commensal isonly sporadically isolated in elbow PJI [21]. In ananalysis of more than 3800 syncopal patients buy viagra capsules Moya et al.(2009) found that about 10% had had syncope while driv-ing. Four sets of arterioles and venules travelthrough the optic disc buy viagra capsules bifurcate, and extend to the periph-ery of the fundus. (2010) Dietary anti-oxidants and long-term risk of dementia. Patients shouldbe given the number for the National Domestic ViolenceHelpline. Nonetheless, many individualswith decreased CSF amyloid ?1–42 levels or positive amy-loid imaging may never develop cognitive symptoms. In elbow PJI, there are no generally accepted recommendations

In elbow PJI, there are no generally accepted recommendations. Impaired single-wordcomprehension is a characteristic finding in patients withsemantic variant PPA. A two stage re-implantation protocol forthe treatment of deep periprosthetic hip infection.

The animated television programSouth Park, for instance, aired an episode on April 30, 2003, titled “RedMan’s Greed,” in which a group of Native Americans attempts to drive outthe residents of South Park to enable the destruction of the town and thesubsequent construction of a superhighway connecting their reservation’scasino to Denver, Colorado. This fallacy may be particularly evident in large cities,such as London, containing many socially ‘mixed’ areas. Boys report more headaches at a younger age buy viagra capsules whereasgirls report more headaches as teens (Abu-Arefeh & Russell, 1994). Released in large quantity buy viagra capsules 5-HTmay also spill into circulation and reach CTZ viathe vascular route. Teeth and bones Tetracyclines havechelating property. Harris nium aspiration with some studies showingand Christensen reported improvement in PIE in apparent advantages of HFJV and others showinga majority of the 20 patients with PIE that they no differences

Harris nium aspiration with some studies showingand Christensen reported improvement in PIE in apparent advantages of HFJV and others showinga majority of the 20 patients with PIE that they no differences. PVL-producing strains are identifiedeither by using PCR to detect the PVL-producing gene or by conducting an immunosor-bent assay to detect the PVL toxin. When heterogeneity canbe explained by a particular factor (e.g. Nowadays buy viagra capsules the regular grocery stores in Ohio arewonderful and have a huge variety of gluten-free items ata reasonable cost. The up-regulation of the glucose transporters GLUT1 and GLUT4is a key feature of the hypoxic response buy viagra capsules and GLUT genes are regulated by HIF1?.HIF1? has been shown to regulate expression of Glut1 and Glut3, in mice chrondro-cytes [ 42]. Zhang Y, Lu H (2009) Signaling to p53: ribosomal proteins nd their way. The nurse is planning care for a patient with heart fail-ure. Progesterone secretion occursonly under the influence of LH. as the third member of thecyP450 xenobiotic metabolic triumvirate buy viagra capsules the trophoblasticplacenta is believed to play a fetoprotective role in the firsttrimester of pregnancy.

Subler MA, Martin DW, Deb S (1992) Inhibition of viral and cellular promoters by humanwild-type p53.

(2010) Cerebrospinalfluid biomarkers in the differential diagnosis of Alzheimer’s dis-ease from other cortical dementias.

Cerebral autoregulation testing after aneurysmal subarachnoidhemorrhage: The phase relationship between arterial blood pressure and cerebral blood flow velocity.Critical care medicine.

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The Gospel of Mark records the moment.  Jarius has a young, twelve year old daughter who is sick unto death.  He is desperate to bring Jesus back home with him for the sake of her healing, but in transit Jesus is deterred.  By the time they arrive to the house, Jarius’ daughter is dead.  The mourners are already there, weeping over her lifeless body.  Jesus declares that the girl is not dead, but sleeping and yet the people present know that she is dead.  They’ve seen death before; they’ve taken her pulse and because of their assumption they laugh at Jesus. The next line contains these pivotal words;  “and when He had put them all out…”

It’s difficult to imagine, but that the greatest of miracles could not occur when the doubter was present.  Jesus did not simply come to prove that He was powerful.  He came to restore and redeem.   There are times when faith has to stand alone without any interference by the unbeliever.

Jesus was not willing to coexist. 

black-candlesHe did not make room for a different point of view. He was not into their opinions and thus, “He put them all out.”  Paul wrote that Light hath no fellowship with darkness.  Light reproves the darkness. Faith and doubt cannot co-mingle.  Truth and a lie are in such opposition that before “The Work” can be accomplished, there has to be a cleansing.

When we allow others to speak into our lives we must make sure that they are faith-builders and not doubt-destroyers. The skeptic will always be present, asking questions that present more confusion than clarity.  The accuser lurks even among the brethren as Paul often wrote.  Yet if the miracle is to occur, we must remove the scorner from our ears.  A friend who discourages your faith is not your friend at all.  If faith is to prevail, then let there be faith.  If truth is to succeed, then let it stand alone.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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where can you buy viagra online using paypalHealth is the subject of a myriad of articles. Human existence centers around food sources and nutrition.  In fact, there are daily reports about food issues, diets, and healthier ways to eat.  From saccharin to gluten, people are discovering that food is the greatest influence on the quality of life.  All of us spend time and money on this most basic need.  The common thought is that what you eat determines weight, health, brain activity, and other functions.  The old adage is  “you are what you eat.”  It only stands to reason that if what we put into our body determines the health of our body, then we should be concerned with our habits.  This is common sense, but sensible things are not so common any more.

Jeremiah will address the issue in another way concerning our spiritual health:  Jer 15:16  Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart:” David said Psa 119  How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Just as natural food determines physical health and wellbeing, the consumption of the Scripture produces healthy, spiritual minds and hearts.  If we want to be godly then we must learn about God – and that is through the Word.  If we want to be free from fear, doubt, confusion, false precepts, and sin, then we must consume His Word.  We are what we eat!  Daily Bible reading should be as common as breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  If we read the scripture as often as we eat, our faith would be whole and healthy.  Who can know of Him without knowing the only manuscript that  speaks of Him?  Who can be like Him unless they are familiar with His words; consuming His wisdom; embracing His truth?  His words were found and they produced “Joy and Rejoicing.”  They are sweeter than honey to my taste.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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Psa 63:1  A Psalm of David, when he was in the wilderness of Judah. O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;

In the opening description of David’s psalm, this poet-king is caught in a desert, separated from his beloved sanctuary in Jerusalem.  Previous psalms declare his great desire to be a servant in the Lord’s house making his current separation a greater burden, but a single phrase in the opening verse of Psalm 63 gives light to David’s personal philosophy.  He wrote:  “early will I seek thee.”  The words speak to both time and timing.  The time is clear: in the morning or when you rise.  He woke up seeking the hand of the Lord, but the timing might be even more important.

How often do we wait until things get so bad that chaos erupts in our lives like a volcano?  How often do we let things fester until the infection spreads into other parts of our spirit and home?  And then, after we have exhausted all the human efforts and remedies; all the counsels and conversations with friends, we turn to God.  David said, “Early will I seek thee.”  It’s timing.

When there is trouble and we are lost, “Early will I seek thee.”  Before the things get tangled and confusion overwhelms our minds – “Early will I seek thee.”

The wilderness is common to us all.  Jesus said that in this world we would have trouble, but seeking the Lord at the first sign of distress is the key to peace and power.  Beginning with Him is the pathway to healing.  When there is pain in our bodies we seek a doctor. When we are lost, we seek a map or guide – at least we should, but when there are issues in our heart, spirit, or life we tend to wait.  The prayer room should be our first stop and our motto should be:  Early will I seek thee.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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The words and actions of the Lord and are often confusing to many of us.  Consider John 3:5-6.  Jesus loved Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Yet when He heard that Lazarus was sick, He stayed where He was two more days.  It could have been written in this manner: “the Lord loved Lazarus so much that He did not go see him.” The difference between us and those living in that

moment is that we see the plan unfold while they could not.  Martha was managing the moment; tending to her dying brother and hoping that Jesus would hurry to heal him.  Mary was praying for the Lord’s arrival, but Jesus was nowhere to be found.  How could a God that loves us so much wait for things to get worse before He steps onto the scene?  Why would Jesus

proclaim such love for His friends, but then purposely stay away?  For those who are in the middle of their moment; managing what they can, these questions are very apparent.  It’s only when you’re on the other side of the story that you can rejoice and take comfort.

This is what I know:  His Glory is the most important part of the miracle.  That sounds counter to our thinking, but God must be known in the earth.  His saving power is paramount. He can heal, but the greater portion is His salvation.  Lazarus would not have “come forth” had he never been buried. Lazarus, those present, and all who might view from afar would not have known the wonder of God’s resurrection power had Jesus simply come when He was called.  And His Glory; the Awesome work of His hand would not be in full display as it was when they rolled back the stone and a man wrapped in grave clothes appeared. So don’t be dismayed by what you see in your moment.  Jesus is not late.  Jesus is never late.  He might just be waiting for His Glory to have enough room to shine.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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Ed Stetzer provided the details: “Our culture has 3 Christian sub-groups: cultural, congregational, and convictional.  The first two identify, but do not shape their lives around the Christian faith.  They see themselves as connected through heritage or involvement.”

The last shape their lives around their faith. Stetzer says that Christianity means “different things to different people, and that while all are valid, not all are equal.”  Of course this philosophy has become the mindset of so many that it’s difficult for people to hear what the scripture actually declares. The scripture is by no private interpretation. Neither the Bible nor Christianity, can be defined by opinions.  And finally, God is not a different God to segments or groups.

The great danger is when we veer from the established Word which declares Jesus as God; Baptism as necessary for salvation; the Holy Ghost as the Spirit infilling; and God’s call to be separate from the world.  Who said we could choose what we like and what we can discard?  Who told us that everyone’s view is valid and that the Bible is a book of choices and options?


The Bible is God’s Word.  It’s not a tool for our pleasure.  Christianity originated by people who obeyed the doctrine of Jesus Christ.  He told us that no one could enter the Kingdom of God unless
they were born again of water and the Spirit.  Jesus said, “unless you believe that I am He (God-Jehovah-Creator-Savior) you will die in your sins.”  The scripture is the inspired Word; the God-breathed book that transcends conventional wisdom and secularism.

We are not Christianity by association, nor are we tied by denomination, and I might even refute that we should shape our lives around the Christian faith. No, the scripture shapes us. The Faith molds us.  God’s commandments are our bidding and “In Him we live and move and have our being.”

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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What is the price of a single soul?  A new car cost about $30,000.  A new built house—$150,000.  A new career might cost every Sunday.

Jesus asked the question, “What would a man give in exchange for his soul?”  The Lord explained further that if a man should gain the whole world, it still would not match the value of his soul.  Think of it; all the fame, wealth, gold, and possessions that the entire world might grant does not measure up to the price of a single soul.  Jesus spoke of a man who built larger barns not knowing that the time of his life was drawing near.  The man had no time to serve the Lord, rather he served his own flesh. The Lord said, “thou fool” who will possess all that you have worked for?  Clearly, to the Lord, the soul of mankind was and is the most precious of all things.

Sadly, it’s not just physical possessions that are exchanged.  Bitterness, tragedy, and offenses have stolen the faith of many.  Some have exchanged their eternal salvation for the intangible wounds that afflict the mind and heart.  That is why Jesus offered Himself as the remedy for the emotionally wounded:  “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy burden, and I will give you rest.”

Lastly, I am urged to draw your attention to the souls of the lost. There are hundreds—thousands which have not had a chance to hear this great gospel.  Their souls are weighed in the balance and it is the duty of the church to reach them with the only saving name of Jesus.  Lost souls are worth our time to come and worship.  Lost souls are worth our energies and focus.  Church must go back to the Soul-Saving Station that it was meant to be. Worship must become the vehicle that moves us into the Presence of Him that touches the faithless and the hurting.  Saving the soul is the Lord’s business and by virtue of our relationship to Him and His Lordship; it is our business too.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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Jonathon is the son of Saul.  He is a young man full of faith and courage. The scene is set wherein Israel is depleted of their military weapons. Jonathon has one of the two remaining swords. Ahead is a garrison of Philistines, some 20 armed men, waiting for war.  Jonathon says to his armor bearer “Let’s go fight.  Perhaps the Lord will help us.”  The scripture gives us no indication that God told him to fight.  There was no Spiritual unction that caused him to engage.   Jonathon just believed that the Lord could save by many or by few.  He believed the odds were not important as long as the Lord was with them.  And yet, he did not know that the Lord was with them. He said,  “Perhaps… it may be, that the Lord will fight for us.” 

Faith is often stepping out on nothing and finding something there.  It is doing the right thing without a word and finding unknown power in the process. The problem today is that many want proof that God will do the work before they enter the process, but God calls people into His mission. He wants us involved in winning the lost and praying for the sick. We should not need a word from God to do these things. Could it be that many of our victories have not been realized because we are waiting for confirmation?  Paul admonished us to fight the good fight of faith.  Jesus has given us power over the enemy.

I submit to you that victories are waiting to be won if we would step out on faith and believe that God will be with us. Hearing the command or having a message to move forward is far easier than gathering yourself and saying, “I’m moving by faith and trusting in a God that can do anything.” Resources and tools; skills and talents mean very little when God is on your side. If you’re waiting on ability then you might never act.  Now is the time to be bold and say, “Perhaps the Lord will be with us.”

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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By mere deductive reasoning, all those who walk after the flesh are condemned.  Most would not accept condemnation regardless of how they live, but Paul writes:  Rom 8:1  “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”  If you are walking after the Spirit, there is no condemnation.  If you are striving to follow the leading of the Lord, there is no castigation, but to walk after the Spirit one must be subject to the things of the Spirit.  It’s a total submission of the human will.  It is guarding the eyes, the tongue, and the desires of the flesh.   Paul rebuked the church at Corinth by saying: 1 Cor. 3:3 “For ye are yet carnal: for whereas there is among you envying, and strife, and divisions, are ye not carnal, and walk as men?”  Paul defined carnality by envy, strife, and, divisions.

I know this sounds lofty, but the world has grown so dark it is often difficult for the church to grasp these landmark teachings.  There is a fight between Flesh and Spirit; Light and Darkness; Truth and Lies.  We are in a battle with our flesh and the only way to overcome is to walk after the Spirit.  Before we speak, we must ask, “Is this wholesome?”  Before we act, we must ask, “Is this godly?”  Before we accept the concepts of the world, we must inquire of the scripture.  Because walking after the Spirit is a daily pursuit, not an event.  It’s not accomplished at a church service or a momentary high.  Paul believed that the subject affected all the saints.  To the Galatians he said; Gal 5:16  “Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. To the church in Ephesus, Eph 4:17 :that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind,” 

It’s  time for us to Walk after the Spirit.  It’s time for us to live what we profess and practice what we believe. After all, we are the children of the Light.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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Air conditioning is rarely appreciated until it doesn’t exist.  Technicians report that the lifespan of a unit depends heavily on the maintenance of the filter.  A $5,000 unit can be destroyed by a clogged $10 filter.  Incredibly enough, most problems with A/C units deal with dirty filters.  A new unit is far more expensive than the price of a filter, but people don’t pay much attention to their filters.

By now someone in your family has probably seen clips from the 2015 MVA’s.  T.V. ratings were down for the MTV show, but social media picked it up by sharing the sights and sounds. Scantily clad music stars paraded on stages in full exhibition while talking about smoking marijuana.  The dancing was so sexually explicit, it even made the producers blush.  There is no filter.

The movie industry has also presented a similar dilemma for the Christian home.  Hollywood intermingles interesting stories with sexual content.  It’s not subtle or muted.  It’s a full array of sexual displays and vile language.  There are almost no actors that believe in Bible principles. The viewer is hard pressed to find a clean movie.  Television programs and commercials are the same.  Regardless of what one might watch, there is a plethora of soft-porn pictorials through advertisements.  The conclusion: Filters are gone.

In a debate forum, 63% of respondents said that, to some extent, cursing should be allowed in kindergarten.  Proponents argue that cussing is common and should be introduced early to take away the shock later.  Christianity Today and World News Group have reported that Christians cuss on a regular basis.  In response, one retorted, “I’m into Jesus, but I’m not legalistic.”  This is the common thread among those who have no filter.

It has been said that Convictions and Filters are two different things.  Convictions cause the cleaning and maintenance of the Filter, but Conviction-less people are not interested in Filters.  In the physical realm, filters are inexpensive, but they trap pollutants and keep the system working.  In another realm, filters stop blatant sounds and sights that cause damage to the inner man.  This brings us to the great issue of our generation:  The virtual world.  The internet and social media exist without filters.  A smartphone carry’s every image/sound imaginable.  We use these devices, but they are pure poison if they exist without filters.  In the last three years, multiple pastors report an increase in marriage infidelity perpetuated through unfiltered virtual forums.  New and old romances ignite leaving the carnage of children in their wake.

In one circle, youth ministers came together to share their concerns with the issue of sexting (sharing sexually explicit pictures).  The problem has provoked curriculum to confront the issue. The broader scope now includes criminality.  People are going to jail depending on the age of those who receive the image.  In a more glaring revelation it has been noted that there is an increase in contraceptives for pre-teens.  Most Pentecostals would dismiss this report as a by-product of a sinful world.  Sadly however, the research was in the Christian community! Sex is the most pervasive drug of this generation.  One youth minister lamented that several of his young people are engaged in sexual intercourse.  He said, “it happens almost every Friday and Saturday night.”

Filters were once common with husbands and wives.  Filters blocked advances and left them with a conscience clean.  Christians were once afraid of speaking against authority, especially their pastors, but those days are over.  The filter that stopped criticisms has decayed.

We need a revival of our Convictions.  Instituting Filters without convictions is the plight of the pharisee and a Filter without a Conviction won’t last.  If we return to the Word, we might just understand the need to live a holy life as unto the Lord.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole