Crossroads. In the more literal sense, a crossroad is simply an intersection of two or more joining roads. The definition does not limit the place to just two roads, but is open-ended. In a spiritual sense, perhaps life and future, this crossroad boasts of many roads that a person could take. This is the place that has far-reaching consequences; far beyond the moment of decision.

It does take an awareness to measure the outlining path before us. Most make decisions not knowing where they will lead. The greatest majority of believers will make self-inflicting wounds that lead them away from a life of holiness and commitment, but at the time their choices do not appear detrimental.

King Saul did as much. He began humble and ended prideful. Decisions happened in the moment and for the moment. He never asked, “What Then?” Christians from every era have done the same. An offense comes; hurt feelings lead to anger or resentment and then suddenly they are standing at a crossroads choosing a path that leads them away from the Call of Christ. The next road is called Self-Justification, which erodes all prior teaching and doctrine.

It is my belief that everyone will come to a Crossroad. The prophet said it, “Choose you this day who you will serve.” From ancient times to this very day a choice is being made, maybe even subconsciously. The rich ruler left Jesus sorrowful because he counted the cost to follow the Lord. The cost was his crossroad and he walked away. Who knows if he even made it back to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Most never make it back.

I admonish you in no uncertain terms: Do not allow offenses to lead you away from the church. The hour is far too late and day is far spent. Don’t make concessions within your walk with God. Your future cannot handle your lack of total commitment today.

We might all be facing a crossroad today; even as a church body. Shall we grow? Will we give our all, both emotionally and financially? Will we be committed to the Apostolic doctrine handed down to us from the Lord Himself? Will we become soul-winners, Bible study teachers; witnesses of the Gospel? Many churches have lost themselves at this crossroad. They took the path of convenience, passivity, and half-halfheartedness. They deviated from the demands of the Kingdom. I cannot make the decision for you. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole