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Ecclesiastes 1:3 “What profit hath a man of all his labour which he taketh under the sun?”

Within the text, Solomon repeatedly uses this appellation to refer to himself. He has gained all that the world has to offer. He sits in the most unique seat ever offered to the mortal man. The nations bend to his wisdom. His wealth and authority are revered all over the world. Yet, toward the end Solomon writes of the futility to both labor and gain. He calls it meaningless.

This is a far cry from the American dream. The mindset of our nation is to gain, keep, and enjoy the fruit of our labor. We have been conditioned to believe that our self-worth is tied to our self-wealth. The early church, all of which were pentecostal in experience, did not live for the moment. They were not enamored with a healthy retirement or a vacation spot. Rather, the early believers set out on a mission to spread the Gospel. Their convictions entailed the Harvest of souls. They believed it to be their personal responsibility.

There is an allure to this world. The offerings of it include good times and laughter. The Lord has not withheld these elements from us, though they are temporal in nature. However, as the church moves from economy to economy, politician to politician, and as we become worldly wise, there is a loss felt in the work of The Kingdom. We are meant to be ambassadors of the name of Jesus. Our purpose is to teach the only saving Gospel which is the message of Acts 2:38.

We are commanded to submit to the words of the Lord. Our homes must become spiritually healthy, which only comes through prayer and an open Bible. Our lifestyle must be in alignment with godly living. And finally, we are commanded to reach the lost!

I pray that our lives will not be consumed with labor. I hope we are not living to pay bills, buy cars, fix up houses, go on trips, or find a comfortable place. There must be something more than this temporal life. Jesus is coming soon and we must find people – souls – and bring them to Christ. The Cause and the Purpose of our lives is greater than jobs, homes, or money. In the end, none of those things will matter. Only what you do for Christ will last.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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