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James wrote a disturbing scripture in his self-titled book. He implied that a person who wanders is a sinner and his soul is in danger of death. James preached that sinners need to be saved; which is rejected by the majority today. Jesus said, “He that believeth not shall be damned!” The scripture also declares: “Anyone who puts his hand to the plow and looking back is not fit for the kingdom.” “Unless you are born again of the water and the Spirit, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.”

All of these verses and so many more declare an Exclusive doctrine. God is holy and rejects the unholy. He is just and will Judge the unrighteous according to their works. The Bible says that “every idle word” will be accounted for and judged. The scripture is filled with similar troubling statements, especially among religious people who do not believe that God would send them to everlasting punishment for what they consider “minor offenses.” How far we have come from a life of separation!

“Be certain,” the Bible says, “your sins shall find you out.” This is God’s Holy, Undefiled Word and in it He says, “God will not be mocked, for whatever you sow, you shall reap.” The scripture is without respect to the reader. This God-breathed book is without exception or division. Therefore, we adjust our lives to the Word. We must never adjust the Word to our lives. Our salvation is serious business. Being saved is always greater!

American Christians routinely live with excuses, i.e., they give themselves allowances which are against the Bible. For instance, the average church member gives 1.7% of their income instead of their tithe (10%). Prayer is regulated to words before a meal. Bible reading has been replaced with conceptual ideas filtered through relative views. Gossip, backbiting, and slander are accepted and assumed as normal conversations. Honoring “those that labor among you” is often rejected by individualism. Sacrificing is a rare practice. Clothing and gender specific attire has been dismissed as old fashion. And finally, commitment and faithful church attendance is for people who do not have busy schedules.

I rise to say, Our God is a jealous God and this Word is without excuse. He is coming back for a holy, separated people. He’s coming back for a bride without spot or wrinkle or any such thing!

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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