Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God…

According to national surveys, the average work week is 35.5 hours. Forbes found Americans spend roughly 1,300 hours per year viewing media, not including time spent on their phones. Add in outings, sporting events, and sleep and there is no time left for “stillness.”

David and Paul both presented meditating on the things of God, virtuous things, and godly endeavors. The problem is that we are consumed with trivial pursuits, politics, and speaking. The Internet, Facebook, Instagram, etc, has given people an outlet to share things that should not be shared. From grievances to common feelings, posts are made that either hinder or detract from the Great Commission.

I have stayed away from most of those forums for my mind’s sake. I know that if I do not have a boundary around my thoughts, my spirit will be drawn away which will convolute my faith. The objective is to “Be still . . .” which allows me to recognize the sovereignty and omnipotence of God. The goal is to reach the lost with the only saving Gospel of Jesus Christ!  Yet, many are caught up with the latest post or news story, which results in them neglecting the cause. There is no time to pray or serve.

While I decry these things, I fear the warning often falls on deaf ears. The result is a drift from faithful church attendance, prayer, and serving. I am convinced that clutter is not just things that pile up in bedrooms and basements. Activities of all kinds clog up our emotions. Sports have stolen a thousand weekends and wiped out as many Holy Ghost experiences. To date, I have never seen a family actively engaged in soul-winning and Kingdom work while missing Wednesday Bible study and Sunday services. It’s time to Be Still.

World knowledge and conflicts will never end. There will always be another disaster. All of it leads away from knowing God. For those who declare themselves sufficiently capable of indulging in all these things, I ask, “when was the last time you taught a Home Bible study or took an hour in the prayer room?”

I do not know how many will take this communique to heart, but the time is too short for me to stroke the religious crowd and ignore the hour. We must become serious about our walk with God and this Holy Ghost experience that the Lord has given us. We are indebted to the Cross and it is imperative that we are constrained for the Gospel. And finally, we must learn to Be Still and take knowledge of God.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole