Giving Mom

The prevailing thought of motherhood has taken some odd turns in the last few decades. While the traditional definition still holds true, current culture has included a host of other descriptions that are far from the original, biblical model. These distorted views have caused a disruption regarding the call of God in the lives of many would-be ministers.

In some circles, the Giving Mom has been limited to the work, time, and energy given on behalf of her children. We see her as the selfless one cooking, cleaning, and working long hours without complaint. This description is the common view of the Giving Mom.

The Bible will offer us a deeper view of the Giving Mom which deviates from the modern thought. The Book of Samuel describes such a mother. Hannah was not known for what she gave to her son or what she did for him, but more so because she gave him to the work of the Temple. This “giving mother” gave her son away for the sake of the Kingdom.

I submit that our society’s concept of a giving mother entails the aforementioned tangibles without any consideration of the call of God. Perhaps many parents are more concerned with keeping their children rather than offering them. Our Apostolic founders trained their sons and daughters to pursue the work of the ministry. They thought of the Kingdom first and family second. It was always about The Call of God. While there was geographical separation and sacrifices, the work of the Kingdom came first.

The more modern pentecostal parent often seeks to keep their family; the giving of them is rarely mentioned. The result is a lack of missionaries, pastors, and evangelists. The result is an empty harvest. Had Hannah thought this way, Samuel would have never entered the Temple and the kings would have never heard his guiding voice or felt his anointing oil. Hannah was the ultimate Giving Mom. Her gift allowed the nation of Israel to find their spiritual footing.

The example of Hannah aught not be unique, but because so many have shifted away from the Biblical model, her actions are now profound. If we return to the scriptural path we must note that the spiritually-minded Giving Mom thinks Kingdom first. While this word might be foreign to some, it is critical to the ongoing effort of the Great Commission and the final days of time. To this end, Giving Moms are still in high demand.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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