Genesis 8:22 “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

As long as the earth exists there will always be seasons. Seasons are ordained by God. They are without rebuttal. Daniel said that God alone changes the times and seasons. He removes kings and sets up new ones. God has the sole authority over all times. At His Will, He can change their length or breadth. He casts them into form.

Harvest is a wonderful time. However, a season denotes an expiration date. Contrary to some, every season is not Harvest. Even the best soil needs rest. Spring is refreshing, and yet, it is only known by the preceding season of winter. Solomon wrote there is a time for everything; not
“Everything All of the time.”

There will always be seasons in our lives. Regardless of how much seed is planted or how great the harvest, there is coming a time when there is nothing. There are moments of gain and of loss. Those who boast of understanding all things are not telling the truth. There are moments of bewilderment. Jesus did not answer every question. I cannot tell you the complexities I have faced without an answer. I simply did not know. I stood still and waited on God. In His time (which was not my time) He gave the Word. Some situations, however, still trouble me.

Through patience we are stronger and through recognition we are more determined. The night is not always pleasant, but it is vital. There is no light without darkness; no joy without pain; no crown without a cross.

God is in charge of the Seasons. We cannot manipulate our path away from His times. Programs will not keep us from the struggle. Shame on anyone who boasts of such things. We strive for the mastery. We lean on the Lord and accept His times in order to know Him.

Job did not put himself into suffering. God did that. And yet, God brought him out and doubled his blessing. Joseph did not sell himself to those traveling merchants. God allowed that. And in time, God elevated Joseph to the saving of his family. Moses did not pin the people in between the Red Sea and the Egyptian army. God ordered it so He could part the waters.

Seasons have made me more fervent in summer and more patient in winter. His “change” made me work harder in the opportunity and trust deeper when the sky was empty. This is how I proclaim Him to be the Lord of all.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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