Perhaps someone will read this in years to come and wonder what the coronavirus was all about. The virus seems to have originated in Wuhan, China, basically the middle of the country. The WHO has reported that nothing has come close to the casualties and infections since the SARS outbreak 18 years ago. Several countries are taking steps to deter the spread as 30 airlines have suspended flights to China. The problem is that there is no fixed quarantine that will suffice. The interaction of people, through degrees of separation, cannot be managed. In plain terms, it’s too late. Too many people have connected and we can only hope that the appropriate vaccines can deter the growth. Far beyond the borders of America, medical facilities and municipalities are ramping up to stay ahead of the spread. The reports are vague as many who are infected are not identified.

However, I write to declare a greater sickness is infecting the world and has so for centuries of time: Sin. Sin has destroyed the lives of countless millions. It has ravaged rulers and paupers alike. It has devastated homes and marriages; communities and churches, leaving them empty by its introduction of lust, greed, and perversion.

There is no quarantine for the likes of sin. Instead of seeking for a solution, most have accepted its presence; embracing it with open arms. Sadly enough, some have promoted it in all circles of life. With proof positive, and decades of evidence, the infection is treated as a rite of passage – typical of the human experience – instead of the tragedy that it really is.

Christians far and wide are not generally disturbed by sin. Over the last five decades, the outrage has diminished. Christians spend sufficient time to watch sinful activities via movies and television programs. While they might not engage in sinful practices, they find pleasure in the promotion of them. Violence, fornication, nudity, cursing, and other forms of anti-god and anti-bible message fill homes, computers, and phones of people who profess faith in Jesus Christ. They claim salvation and yet, if they were accused of being adherent to the Bible and a follower of Jesus, a prosecutor would be hard pressed to find enough evidence to convict them.

Sin is a disease and it’s far worse than any virus we have ever seen. The job of our health experts is to tackle the worldwide coronavirus. The duty of the pulpit is to reveal the works of the flesh and the path of Salvation. We have the cure for the deadliest infection the world has ever known, but before we offer the cure, we first must consider our own lives. There is hope. Grace and Mercy are available. However, I remember the prophet crying in the wilderness, telling the people to Repent. It is the only way to healing.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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