Valley of Decision

Of the constants in this life, there is a Crossroad that all of us will face. The determination of who we are and what we will become hinges on our decision to follow Jesus Christ. The rich young ruler came to it when Jesus told him to sell all that he had and take up his cross and follow Him. The ruler left sorrowful because he considered the cost. He had too much to give up. King Saul came to the same junction as he waited impatiently for the prophet to arrive. Saul lost his soul as he turned away from obedience and stepped outside of his assigned role.

A thousand men and women over have faced the Crossroad. The Bible calls it the Valley of Decision. It’s that moment where you either humble yourself under the mighty hand of God or you make excuses for yourself. The Christian that turns away will rarely tell you that they disobeyed. They make allowances for their carnal measures; covering their lack of submission in logical or pseudo-spiritual terms. However, in the end, they have turned aside at the intersection of consequence.

Perhaps you stand at this place where a choice needs to be made. Will you follow the Lord and the anointed leadership God has placed over your life or will you seek your own path? The Children of Israel stood there when 10 spies overruled Joshua and Caleb. It cost them 40 years of wandering. An entire generation had to die before the Promise Land was realized. David was there when the prophet Nathan called him out as “the man” who sinned. Instead of being arrogant and protective, David fell on his face and repented. He was literally at the intersection of eternity as his life was held in the balance. History is replete with these moments.

As you read this small piece, I pray that it is more than a passing thought; some benign commentary on a website. I pray that it provokes you to consider that the direction of our lives are guided by the choices we make in the Valley of Decision. Those choices determine the path of our children and our families. They guide both the present and future of the church, and ultimately our eternity. Offenses are found there and challenges alike. The call of God can be heard there and a host of other things that pull us in different directions. I urge you in the words of God Himself: “Deuteronomy 30:19 “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life…”

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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