Offer Thanks Unto the Lord


Traditions are often dismissed in light of what might be trending.  Modernism now stretches far beyond technological advances.  It has invaded the way in which we remember our past and honor our heritage.  Thanksgiving Day was once a time to recall the goodness of the Lord in our lives.  It was a tradition set forth as a memorial that brought to the forefront the blessing of God among families and friends.  Sadly enough it seems that we have succumb to the mode of vogue: that prevailing thought that dominates and details present whims.  Yet what has become of our tradition?  Is Thanksgiving Day nothing more than football and the commencement of a full shopping season? Have we forgotten that it is He Who has provided all these blessings?  We must remember that the message of Thanksgiving speaks to what is wholesome, right and good.  In contrast, our worldly society has imposed its own definitions on the very terms which were meant to honor the Lord for what He has done.

Paul wrote that in the last days perilous times would come.  He gave a detailed list which included the unthankful.  Can you imagine that mixed into the narrative of drunkards and revilers; unnatural affection and deceivers, would be this segment called ‘the unthankful?’  It almost seems trivial compared to the rest of the list, but the Spirit foretold of such an age and we are living in that time.

To be thankful is to see the grace of God on display.  If we are thankful we then must recognize the Source of our blessing.  Thankfulness in itself is a declaration that there is a God and that indeed He has provided for us all.  Thankfulness sets us in a posture of submission to the Highest power, from Whom all blessings flow.  It makes us see Him and His provision. Thankful.   This is our testimony of praise.  It defines our heart and the reason for our worship.  We are thankful.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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