Lost souls are worth ……?


What is the price of a single soul?  A new car cost about $30,000.  A new built house—$150,000.  A new career might cost every Sunday.

Jesus asked the question, “What would a man give in exchange for his soul?”  The Lord explained further that if a man should gain the whole world, it still would not match the value of his soul.  Think of it; all the fame, wealth, gold, and possessions that the entire world might grant does not measure up to the price of a single soul.  Jesus spoke of a man who built larger barns not knowing that the time of his life was drawing near.  The man had no time to serve the Lord, rather he served his own flesh. The Lord said, “thou fool” who will possess all that you have worked for?  Clearly, to the Lord, the soul of mankind was and is the most precious of all things.

Sadly, it’s not just physical possessions that are exchanged.  Bitterness, tragedy, and offenses have stolen the faith of many.  Some have exchanged their eternal salvation for the intangible wounds that afflict the mind and heart.  That is why Jesus offered Himself as the remedy for the emotionally wounded:  “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy burden, and I will give you rest.”

Lastly, I am urged to draw your attention to the souls of the lost. There are hundreds—thousands which have not had a chance to hear this great gospel.  Their souls are weighed in the balance and it is the duty of the church to reach them with the only saving name of Jesus.  Lost souls are worth our time to come and worship.  Lost souls are worth our energies and focus.  Church must go back to the Soul-Saving Station that it was meant to be. Worship must become the vehicle that moves us into the Presence of Him that touches the faithless and the hurting.  Saving the soul is the Lord’s business and by virtue of our relationship to Him and His Lordship; it is our business too.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole