His Glory Shines


The words and actions of the Lord and are often confusing to many of us.  Consider John 3:5-6.  Jesus loved Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Yet when He heard that Lazarus was sick, He stayed where He was two more days.  It could have been written in this manner: “the Lord loved Lazarus so much that He did not go see him.” The difference between us and those living in that

moment is that we see the plan unfold while they could not.  Martha was managing the moment; tending to her dying brother and hoping that Jesus would hurry to heal him.  Mary was praying for the Lord’s arrival, but Jesus was nowhere to be found.  How could a God that loves us so much wait for things to get worse before He steps onto the scene?  Why would Jesus

proclaim such love for His friends, but then purposely stay away?  For those who are in the middle of their moment; managing what they can, these questions are very apparent.  It’s only when you’re on the other side of the story that you can rejoice and take comfort.

This is what I know:  His Glory is the most important part of the miracle.  That sounds counter to our thinking, but God must be known in the earth.  His saving power is paramount. He can heal, but the greater portion is His salvation.  Lazarus would not have “come forth” had he never been buried. Lazarus, those present, and all who might view from afar would not have known the wonder of God’s resurrection power had Jesus simply come when He was called.  And His Glory; the Awesome work of His hand would not be in full display as it was when they rolled back the stone and a man wrapped in grave clothes appeared. So don’t be dismayed by what you see in your moment.  Jesus is not late.  Jesus is never late.  He might just be waiting for His Glory to have enough room to shine.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole