Fight the good fight of Faith

Jonathon is the son of Saul.  He is a young man full of faith and courage. The scene is set wherein Israel is depleted of their military weapons. Jonathon has one of the two remaining swords. Ahead is a garrison of Philistines, some 20 armed men, waiting for war.  Jonathon says to his armor bearer “Let’s go fight.  Perhaps the Lord will help us.”  The scripture gives us no indication that God told him to fight.  There was no Spiritual unction that caused him to engage.   Jonathon just believed that the Lord could save by many or by few.  He believed the odds were not important as long as the Lord was with them.  And yet, he did not know that the Lord was with them. He said,  “Perhaps… it may be, that the Lord will fight for us.” 

Faith is often stepping out on nothing and finding something there.  It is doing the right thing without a word and finding unknown power in the process. The problem today is that many want proof that God will do the work before they enter the process, but God calls people into His mission. He wants us involved in winning the lost and praying for the sick. We should not need a word from God to do these things. Could it be that many of our victories have not been realized because we are waiting for confirmation?  Paul admonished us to fight the good fight of faith.  Jesus has given us power over the enemy.

I submit to you that victories are waiting to be won if we would step out on faith and believe that God will be with us. Hearing the command or having a message to move forward is far easier than gathering yourself and saying, “I’m moving by faith and trusting in a God that can do anything.” Resources and tools; skills and talents mean very little when God is on your side. If you’re waiting on ability then you might never act.  Now is the time to be bold and say, “Perhaps the Lord will be with us.”

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole