Religion is being redefined

News Bulletin: “Christians in a post-Christian Culture.”  We saw it coming, but the speed and vehemence of the “new normal” often takes our breath away.  Many are scrambling to find a place to stand while the world morphs into a perverse pose.  Religion is being redefined – the Bible is being trashed, believers are on edge for the next big social confrontation.  We now have to ask ourselves questions: “What will it cost to speak out boldly against sin?” Are we willing to lose our jobs and public positions?”  “Will locals defame our reputation, and is it worth raising their ire?”

All of this is not new.

Jeremiah waded through the same mire in the 6th century.  Accusations of false prophecies rose against him.  He was scorned in the marketplace, mocked by other prophets, thrown into a cistern, kidnapped and dragged off to Egypt, and finally released to end his days in a demoralized Jerusalem.  All of it happened beneath the shadowed ruins of Solomon’s once-glorious temple.  The best of their sons and daughters were carried off to Babylon as despair rose.   By the waters of Babylon, there we sat down and wept, when we remembered Zion.” Ps 137:1

The real story is that what we are facing, and about to see, is not new.  Every generation has seen resistance mixed with tribulation.  The fact is that we have not seen very much opposition which has made us a little weak.  We haven’t had to fight for Truth and Holiness like those who occupied the early 1900’s or those living in the days of Nero.  We haven’t had to suffer through the Dark Ages or the blackness of sin that confronted Noah.  For all these reasons, it is vital that we remember that we are the Children of the Light and that the Holy Spirit is yet leading us even when times get tough.  So Stand.  When you’ve done everything:  Stand.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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