Unity.  God looked down upon the tower of Babel and declared that because of their unity “nothing” would be withheld from them. Even though they were wicked in their actions and had set their heart against God, it was their unity that set them apart.

Joshua found it to be true as he led the armies of Israel around the walls of Jericho; everyone holding their peace. Their solidarity displayed a unified effort and God gave them the victory through it. The day of Pentecost saw about 120 people in “one place and in one accord.”  When they achieved that position, the Holy Ghost fell and they began to speak in other tongues. There is a power unlike anything else when people meet together in unity.

America itself began with a common cause.  Freedom and the desire for liberty drove them to seek for their independence from England. Christians in every age desired to worship freely, and they fought for that right together.  Yet through the years many forces have chipped away at our resolve.  Pride and personal opinions cut at the cause of unity.  Self-seekers and private ambitions do the same.  The greatest church services and moves of God that we have ever experienced came about when the congregation worshiped in one accord.  Likewise, the most fragmented times of our lives come when individualism rises above the needs of the body.

The fact remains that an overflowing revival of souls; miracles and wonders; restoration and healing reside in the realm of Unity.  Yet unity only comes about when we seek that place called submission.  We must humble ourselves and pray that God would help us find the power of unity so that His Spirit can move freely.  Then we too can say that “Nothing” will be withheld from us.

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole

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