Words are meant to minister

It is apparent that Solomon dealt with real people, but not all who should have been listening actually were.  A host, both then and now, are speaking rather than hearing.  They talk over the preaching, teaching, and biblical instruction.  Then in time of trouble, they scramble for answers from outside sources when all along the answers were available in the natural order of the Word.  Some even declare the Church incapable of answering issues, believing that spiritual counsel cannot solve the problem.

In turn, we have become an over-confessional society.  We take stands on the trivial.  Many are entrapped by meaningless causes and pseudo-activisms. Self-expression is our mantra. Yet Solomon wrote, “a person with good sense remains silent.”  This wisdom is dead to a generation of texters/tweeters who feel the need to tell all.  Common sense is on the endangered species list while the scripture fights for space.  Hear the words of the wise: “Son, heed instruction; listen and be wise; gain understanding; be careful before you utter a sound; take note of the words of elders; evil words destroy friendships; discernment is premier.”


Where did the Apples of Gold in Pictures of Silver go?  These are words fitly spoken, not a continual flow of them.  They are cautiously chosen and prayerfully executed.  They are not posts telling each other about our love for soup, spring, or spouse.  It’s time we choose what we say. Paul wrote: Eph. 4:29 “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.”  Words are meant to minister and communicate something of importance, but if there is a constant collage of remarks, then nothing of value has a chance to be heard and received.

Psalm 19:14  “Let the words of my mouth…be acceptable”

Pastor Jeffrey Harpole