Ambiguity: The Father of Doubt

Ambiguity.  In a single word, and not to minimize the gravity of the matter, this generation is most characterized by ambiguity: they do not know who they are.  It should be no wonder after years of teachers and public leaders whitewashing absolutes and promoting situational ethics that people live with a vague sense of their purpose.  Both youth and adults are struggling to know their purpose on earth.

The false idea of “being your own person” is a path of great uncertainty.  That path has led to a massive moral decline.  It is devoid of truth; has no footing and offers noconfidence.  The only identification for mankind comes through adherence to the Scripture and the Spirit. I am pressing you about this subjectbecause we come to this House of Worship after week-long inundation of corrupt media (TV, Internet, movies) and then wonder why our families; children and marriages are floundering.  The Church services and ministries cannot combat a daily dose of vain philosophies, immoral depictions, and godless promotions.  It’s time to gain control of the message.  If there was ever a time to promote Holiness, now is the time.  If there was ever a time to have a sit-down with the family and set the precedent of godly devotion, intentional Bible reading, and prayer, NOW is the time!  If we do not get serious about our walk with God, we too will be left in obscurity.  Doubt rises from Ambiguity.  Faithlessness bleeds into worldly experiments and leaves lifelong scars.  I offer you this word from Paul: Rom 13:11  And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

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3 thoughts on “Ambiguity: The Father of Doubt

  1. This post is so true! When our children are uncertain of who they are, then nothing in their lives are stable. Thanks for the good work.